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Obsolete Getting Back To Work
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As you may recognized, our Developer is back from holidays, means: Our Project will continue getting filled with lots of updates, we won't announce any Date of Release this time, also we won't rush any new Adjustment now, we won't publish any new thing if it has hard bugs or anything...
Obsolete Change of Release Date
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Release is not gonna happen today, here a small list of Wiebe's reasons:

Hello @everyone im sorry, but i cant do I CANT WE CANT RELEASE. Il make a list for everything, that is up. 1. Crystals dont get taken from inventories 2. When you close novis, it doesnt give you any items 3...
Obsolete Official Release and Informations
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Dear Player,

About the release date, it’s focused to be the 4th of this August, it was meant to be this Sunday, be we couldn’t do it in time, cause some things aren’t fully completed.

When the server goes up there won’t be Donator Ranks released yet, to give every...